Vanessa Magula is a singer, actor, and Very Serious Improviser living in Brooklyn, New York. She is from Los Angeles, where she devoted her formative years to studying science, publishing academic papers, and working in healthcare at UCLA.


Naturally, she now bops around New York City improvising weekly on the musical house team Contessa at the Magnet Theater, singing as various children and/or objects on Gimlet Media’s Story Pirates podcast, and dating in your local match.com commercial.

She loves exploring vulnerability, making up goofy songs, and going on long walks with friends and a stunning iced coffee.


Theater Scene (Wicked Frozen): The mirthful Vanessa Magula gives a delightfully exaggerated performance as a shrewish student in a wheelchair. ​

Theatre is Easy (Wicked Frozen): Vanessa Magula shows off her sultry voice as Nessawheels.

Broadway World (Zanna Don't): The scene-stealing, show-stopping performance belonged to the incomparable Vanessa Magula as the ball-busting, unlucky in love Roberta. Magula has an abundance of stage presence to complement her strong vocals, her sharp comic deliveries and her precise dance moves. Magula wowed the audience in "I Ain't Got Time" with her Christina Aguilera-esque vocals. In "Whatcha Got?" Magula's hot moves rivaled Beyonce's.​

Buck-ing Trends (Zanna Don't): Vanessa Magula can lay claim to a formidable voice in her own right, with an equally compelling, soulful song-styling akin to a young Aretha Franklin. Her preliminary salvo, “I Ain’t Got Time” recalls all of Motown’s most dynamic hit makers (Little wonder it ranked as a first act “crowd pleaser” on opening night!) ​

Ryan Luevano, Tin Pan LA (Zanna Don't): One character who easily stands out in the best way possible is Roberta (Vanessa Magula) who fully embraces her role and squeezes every bit of character and comedy out of every scene. Magula also proves that she’s an exceptional mover and singer.